About Lone Chimney ranch


(photo above: Paul and Betty Jo walk the red carpet at the 2016 Darley Awards.)

Lone Chimney Ranch, owned and operated by Paul and Betty Jo Richards, is located on almost 100 acres in Glencoe, Oklahoma near Stillwater. The beautiful countryside is home to a herd of well kept equines including impeccably bred Arabian horses. These Arabians are sons and daughters of Flaming Streak+/, Wiking, Monarch AH, No Limite, Chndaka, Sudden Mischief, KA Czubuthan, Kusu Man... and of course, Virgule Al Maury.

Paul and Betty Jo moved their operation to Oklahoma 9 years ago. They have been breeding horses since 1983 and previously involved in thoroughbred racing once owning a Secretariat granddaughter.

Lone Chimney Ranch is a hands-on operation, active with four Arabian mares in production, as well as racing some of the Arabians they breed. Their race stock have found homes in endurance and sport horse as well as racing.

Call (580)669-2446 or cell(707)367-1678.
E-mail: betjorich@gmail.com