The Lone Chimney

Lone Chimney Ranch is owned by long-time horsemen Betty Jo and Paul Richards. Named after a "lone chimney" located on Lone Chimney Road near the property, the ranch is located on almost 100 acres in Glencoe, Oklahoma near Stillwater. The beautiful countryside is home to a herd of well kept equines including impeccably bred Arabians.

Horses for sale

At Lone Chimney Ranch, we breed horses to enjoy watching them grow and to experience the thrill of racing youngsters that we raised in our pastures. we hope to encourage more newcomers to Arabian Racing to produce their own great foals and experience the joy of the process and the satisfaction of success.

our Arabian Horses

Latest additions to Lone Chimney Ranch
are two foals by Virgule Al Maury

Vinny & Vella

Vinny, registered name pending Vurlin, is our colt born May 17th (Virgule Al Maury x Effie Estes by No Limite). Vella, registered name pending Vurlosta, is our filly born May 5th (Virgule Al Maury x Zulosta by KA Czubuthan).

HARC runner ~ Kusu Kiss

Kusu Kiss (Kusu Man x Gloryoski by Wiking) is HARC certified, running at Delaware Park with John Youngdale, trainer.

Splash Time

Splash Time is our 3 year old gelding (Virgule Al Maury x Pastures New by Wiking). Splash is offered for sale. See THE HERD for other sale horses at Lone Chimney Ranch.

Virgule is now a nominated sire for the CUP breeders incentive program.